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Over the last few years I have taken my food photography out of the studio and on the road. Rather than you bring your food to me I bring us to your food. It has been helpful clients, nothing worse than having to load food for 9 dinners, and I have to say a bit liberating for me to not be tied to one place. Besides it’s fun to see new places, and work with people not normally with us in studio.

Lots of times I work in a restaurant that is open and serving people, those days are especially fun to have people watch and question what we are doing. Always a surprise to watch me foam a beer.

The last couple of years I have been flying to Dallas, Texas to work with the Chalak Mitra Group on a few of their restaurants. I have work for PepperSmash and Baker Brothers American Deli plus a couple of brand new concepts we aren’t allowed to talk about yet, but the are cool.

The team at Chalak are wonderful to work with and fun to be around. I have had a great time working in and exploring the Dallas area.

We have found a quite few amazing places to eat and hangout like Bolsa Mercado which we stumbled upon while looking for some props. What a great find, food and drinks were amazing, one of the best iron steaks I have ever had, definitely going back there.

If your in the mood for a movie night there is no place better than Look Cinemas, giant chairs and really good food and drinks.

All location work has it’s challenges but I think getting out of the studio has shoots more fun for every one and has made my photography better. Here are a few shots from our last adventure in Dallas.





Looking forward to my next adventure in Texas.



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