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For the Dogs

Working with Alcone Marketing to revamp Dogswell, Nutrscia brand dog food packaging has been wonderful. They are a great group of designers to work with.

In all projects involving food there are challenges, getting good looking ingredients, being able to source enough and fruits and vegetables that are out of season. Working in California getting off season produce from Mexico or Chile, is relatively easy, or so we thought. Once all the final recipes came in we needed fresh peas in the pods and apricots. My parents have apricot trees, so I know they are out of season, the ones one their trees are very small and very green. Fresh peas in the pods, I haven’t seen those since I was a child, plus they were out of season also. Luckily for me I have a very resourceful stylist, who found a artificial food manufacture in England who could get us what we wanted in our very short time frame. Thank you DHL.

I have to add the artificial peas and apricots look amazing, I almost ate an apricot by mistake.

Here is some of the new packaging.


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