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“Laughter is brightest where food is the best”
– Irish Proverb



I was grew up in rural Southern Orange County in the days when it was really filled with oranges. My brothers and I had ultimate freedom. We filled our time with everything outdoors, orange fights, BB gun wars, horseback riding, surfing, skiing, skateboarding and lots of soccer.

Photography captured me after high-school while traveling thru Europe. It became my sole focus traveling our National Parks working on a Geology degree. I got so obsessed I changed majors and schools, graduating from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara with a BA in photography.

Even in those early days I liked to set up pictures to be just right, move this, change that, stand here, add little extra lighting. I wanted to capture the perfect moment and if the moment wasn’t there I created it. I still do, I don’t take pictures of the food I’m eating. I like to create my scene and story.

Food photography has become my real outlet for the perfect picture. It’s lighting challenging and has lots of moving, adding and changing things till it’s perfectly appetizing. I love it.

I enjoy all kinds of work and work with all kinds of companies big and small. I have been working with name brands and national restaurant chains for many years and never tire of the challenge to make items look their best.

I love working in the controlled studio environment but over the past few years I have been working less in studio and more on restaurants locations, everywhere from LA to Dallas.

I still live in South Orange County with my wife Liz and our twin daughters. Orange County is not quite the wide open space that I grew up in but it is still a great place and an convenient location to have as my home base. When I’m not shooting I surf and ski a lot, play a little soccer and even break out a skateboard once and awhile.


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Over the last few years I have taken my food photography out of the studio and on the road. Rather than you bring your food to me I bring us to your food. It has been helpful clients, nothing worse than having to load food for 9 dinners, and I have to say a bit liberating […]

Range Beef

For the past year I have been working with Motor Creative http://www.motorcreative.com on a new web based range beef company ( members only ) out of Montana named Twisted Fork Cattle Co. http://www.twistedforkcattleco.com They offer all grass fed range beef strait from the ranch. I have been working on the brand design as well as the photography. It’s fun to […]

Coffee and Tea…

Had a great time working with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf creating in store posters and images for gift cards. The project was creating three separate images using different props and products to create environments to be used with quotes from senior executives and Coffee Bean Tea Leaf founder Herbert Hyman. Each needed to be different but work together looking like a family when […]

For the Dogs

Working with Alcone Marketing to revamp Dogswell, Nutrscia brand dog food packaging has been wonderful. They are a great group of designers to work with. In all projects involving food there are challenges, getting good looking ingredients, being able to source enough and fruits and vegetables that are out of season. Working in California getting off season produce from Mexico […]


I thought this was a very cool concept and amazing food styling. Can you identify the different foods? Lernert & Sander were commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant to make a photograph for their special issue about Food. The studio transformed 98 unprocessed foods into perfect cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm (.98x.98x.98 […]